Screens and Defenses

Defending against weapons of stellar mass destruction in a world where there is no force that can withstand the weapons employed without destroying the Universe one square mile at a time; older techniques are required.

Beyond War is a naval warfare game developed by SIGINT veteran combat cadre, and as such the prior conditions of weapons of extremely dangerous and realistic scale against fixed and static civilian targets are concurrent with her 'serious games' and 'permanent death' model of play.

As such, techniques only recently declassified and made public including naval 'screen' tactics used in dynamic fleet operations to 'shield' civilian craft are vital to the military understanding of warfighters in Beyond War.

This sophisticated combat model is afforded by exclusion of very young and minor players, making exclusive users of a mature chronological age to enjoy the product and capability of such combat conditions and risk of play, loss, and participation ordinary in a high-risk venture or at-risk condition consistent with war fighting.

To civilians who are too lazy to understand the technical use of these terms, they may sound like a lot of the same thing repeated. In fact, in military language, the terms have specific meaning.

'Screens' are forces which venture to a forward position and act as SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) observers and relays, reporting enemy movement, location, and action to rear field assets for response and theater task assignment. Screen forces like Destroyers would escort convoys in World War II, as would Q-ships escort U.S. ships off the coast, ambushing enemy ships that surfaced to attack the unarmed civilian ships.

Screen forces are at risk for capture or first strike, and designed to be a very high cost of munitions to displace for the material loss of manpower and equipment committed. In a retreat, screen forces are often left behind to delay enemy action or conduct deceptive attacks to effect the escape of major forces; and are not always able to recover or return to force during contacts with very large enemy elements and forces occupying their sector.

These 'small wars' on the periphery of major contacts and targets, are the decisive battles between individuals and overwhelming force, from which Beyond War derives its name and elementary gameplay style in SIGINT contact and fifth and sixth generation (no visible contact) fire support with enemy elements and fast moving forces.

Use of deceit, disguise, observation and communication, force protection, infiltration, disruption, and tactical brinkmanship by very light units are ultimately the core of commitment to weapons and tactics in a battlefield under threat of weapons of stellar mass destruction and more powerful quantum-singularity-reactor (QSR) technology.

Quantum means defined within a modulus.

Singularity is a term referring to resulting singular outcome. Used too often by illiterate screenwriters as a substitute themed 'technical' for a gravity well or collapsed star, it doesn't actually represent a gravity anomaly and gravity is a force that is was not well understood at the time of such common misuse. Singularity in context to the Quantum modulus, is the ability to identify a 'quantum' of linear time in relative position to a 'causality' - a moment of context branching multiple Universe outcomes and connecting the past events to the future events in a 'relevant linear chain'.

Unexecuted Universe branches, themed 'potentials' are then de-prioritized and recovered as they separate further from the 'relevant linear chain'.

Thus a 'singularity' is 'reality as it can exist in linear time', exclusive of all other 'potential Universe' instances.

This is fundamentally different than gravity, mass, or space-time distortion associated with the word by really unimaginative Star Trek screenplay writers. Still, some of them (and their fans) want to imagine the word is a 'trademark', which is stupid considering it is just a 'misuse of a term' in a film.

Reactor in context to the 'quantum singularity reactor' (QSR) is the ability to alter the bridge of a 'causality' and annihilate the potential reality for its energy potential, then restore the 'causality' to a linear bridge ahead in the chain. This takes a 'slice of time, and all matter in the Universe in that slice' and destroys it for fuel to shunt a volume of modulus constant (c) into another quantum already representing greater-than-zero potential state. This (c) energy dump plus (r) residual energy, compromises the modulus function of the 'window' - a frame of range capable of holding up to (c) in potential capacity.

The resultant impact of energy in a controlled release can annihilate any obstacle in conventional modulus, provide virtually unlimited power with very low storage capacity, and creates a 'dump' of energy in excess of the material space capacity to sustain its presence.

The energy 'dumps' into an adjacent state of energy outside the modulus field, either 'high' or 'low' and the breach creates a counter-breach of exotic energy entering into this modulus from outside our ordinary space.

Not only does this destroy matter - but utterly compromises energy and signal waves such as light, heat, microwaves, and other particles which cannot interact in an ordinary fashion with 'high' and 'low' energy.

The design and nature of the QSR and its environment determine which way the 'stream' bounces - and quite a few reasons to prefer not to be near this event. Strange matter may occur, and reports of seeing the dead appear, time dissipate, events happen 'all at once', and phasing through physical matter like it isn't there.

Manipulation of this technology in tiny QSR power systems explain how the Sanguine can 'walk through walls', 'become shadows on the wall' and move as if two-dimensional and without any source of light being cast, cancel all sound near their person to conceal their approach and violent close-quarter-battle between themselves and other forces, jump from planet to planet, and stand-off long term highly lethal deep space radiation, and appear to 'deny time' by breaking causality and restoring their bodies and ships as if they were never hit by enemy fire after being blow away - an effect known as quantum temporal shielding.

It also explains why Sanguine can create 'edge dimensions' between high and normal or low and normal energy to occupy and build outside of ordinary space - and store their bodies in these spaces while projecting themselves into the physical world in a much smaller volume and mass. The ability to grow to tremendous size, summon planetary and solar mass from seemingly nowhere, and in doing so manipulate gravity in precise ways that afford travel while slipping mass in extremely small volume in and out of conventional space to provide propulsion and gravity-like shielding.

A fully armed Sanguine can through this technology, slap away a conventional dwarf star or direct a beam of gravity equivalent to the event horizon of a star down a narrow path, as well as identify light waves and emit cancellation waves to nullify photons in flight. These abilities can bend coherent light such as lasers and x-rays in the same manner a supercollider would, without need of a coil or frame and in an area of effect, turning broad daylight into absolute darkness, silence, and physically moving at near-light-speed with sufficient force to offset collisions and deflect mass they encounter.

Against such an enemy at full strength, the use of stellar mass destruction and the targeting of stars and solar systems with high yield weapons is now justified. As is the high success rate of eliminating Rhocropoli by Sanguine in single combat against all survivors to the last man, woman, and child in a city-wide population center built to conduct war operations against less sophisticated weapon systems, people, and planets.

Sanguine who do engage in conventional war against population centers and armed forces are, therefore, usually just screwing around and not operating at their full power or potential.

This is often because they are "young", and "lesser" Sanguine - subordinate sub-species made solely to terrorize the enemy population while not fully capable or aware of the applications of their technology and the "Sanguine Engine" installed in their body. The degree of knowledge a Sanguine imparts in a newly made Sanguine is subjective, and may be limited, because these abilities are not safe to be used without experience and time to mature - often millions of years.

The powers are mentioned in "The Prayer of Blood" and seem, to such Sanguine people, as supernatural and impossible as the acts of Jesus of Nazareth might to human beings today. It is unknown if the abilities are installed in "The Prayer of Blood", or separately.

Some have been known to get stronger or demonstrate new abilities in context to the events and choices they make, and Sanguine in witness to recite in these moments as if repeating a broadcast made to all members that witnesses believe to be a passage from the Prayer of Blood. No witness can recall, nor the Sanguine who themselves that speak the words, the actual phrase or nature of what is said, as if a QSR has ripped those very moments from time itself and the mind of all who were present - a demonstration of the power that resonates from the Cataclysm.

Because of the utter loss of self, the Sanguine tend to avoid trying to antagonize each other, often preferring far less confrontational behavior - because of this. It is as if the King or some other terrible power older still than the Fall, has made that moment a 'singularity' from which no other reactor can access or alter or see. This is liken unto Saul being blinded on the road, and affirms the humbling and conversion of Paul, the affirmation of the unknown potential of all beings before the hand of the King.

Rhocropoli also utilize Quantum Singularity Reactors, more as machines and simple power sources, than the intimate and living relationship created in the Sanguine as a weapon that rewrites DNA and matter, energy, and time. It is easy to see, from such power, how legends and magic carry on where any witness these events. As well as why the Sanguine tend to try to leave others alone, unless brought to cause and purpose far beyond any possible threat to themselves.

The Rhocropoli may possess the raw energy of the technology for its weapons, engines, and lifespan; but it lacks to sophistication and religious implications of it being embedded in a single individual warfighter. The encounters the Rhocropoli had, and accounts of other fallen cities and stars, do not do justice to this wisdom, nor in most accounts discern that the Sanguine soldiers that have been seen on battlefields are the 'children' of the real forces who reside - and their very discovery the consequence of their inexperience and younger age, powers being limited in many ways, and lack of commitment in their acts against the survivors as a genuine effort.

Considering how hard it is to kill a Sanguine, it is a blessing that they exercise little effort to kill everyone else. As well as a mystery why those that have tried to do exactly that are very rarely seen again. As if a formal code of conduct prohibiting that behavior and some force capable of enforcing that decision exists.

Some say this is the Kai'Gi, who hate the Sanguine and destroy them on sight. Others, that it is due to the Tyec and Genosect standing orders to hunt and kill every Sanguine located, which they do with patience and efficiency unmatched in any machine.

Given what a Sanguine can become, there is also little moral judgment to be held out against such choices, and the fear of the Rhocropoli against this horror well deserved.

The Quantum-Singularity-Reactor devices can be very hard to recognize because of their transmaterial properties. They may appear only as large and heavy as a small coin, like an American dime, or the size of a small solar system. The ability to incorporate their complexity inside of space outside of ordinary space like the Sanguine, and to create new devices using the power of the QSR, as well as the damage it does to linear time and space each time it is used, further explain the policy of the Tyec, Genosect, and Kai'Gi to wage conventional war against the Rhocropoli and other forces, provided they do not possess or use QSR technology in response. While the Sanguine are a living QSR equipped soldier, and their every act a potential crime against the Universe sufficient to exterminate their people and any population or solar system they may occupy or corrupt.

A city - trapped in a war like this - is only wise to run. A lifeboat in space for a lost cause, any planet. That which is static - cannot hold.

The Sanguine, too, are running, and a city to disguise their home filled with people - a prize worth having in camouflage against an enemy that will show no mercy should it find even one of their kind.

In a bizarre way, the repair and restoration - and abandonment to be found by less sophisticated people - appears to be a 'screening force' action by the Kai'Gi, using the lives of everyone in those cities as 'feelers' for the detection and destruction of the Sanguine as a species. Presenting the cities as a "Judas goat" and lucrative target, suggest how brutal and indifferent the Kai'Gi have become - so alien from mankind as to be its enemy.

Against such threats, finding a dragon sitting on the heart of a city would be relief. The Dracos may be far more civil and receiving than anything far older in the Beyond War Universe, and a better lord and friend than a man who walks through walls.

The Rhocropoli also possess the GRL and BOY systems - Genetic Recombination Laboratories and Biological Organism Yards, from which genosapien species made and programmed for war and occupation are mass produced and packaged, shipped, and supplied for conventional war efforts. Their lifespans, a fraction of human duration, made to serve, these dog soldiers and other Leupos foot troops, designed to be visually distinguished and a servant-soldier class, still more human than the killing machines that can destroy time. And yet, in this very nature, a factory of slaves on face offends the Prayer of Blood and themes the moral right to burn them to the ground for their making of a people and taking of their lives who may still have children, families, and love as humans do - having nothing but less time to live and less choice in how to do so.

To understand The War, one must understand this 'utility' of life which the Rhocropolis represent, as utter evil. A monument to slavery and subordination which calls to the heart of every Sanguine to burn it to the ground.

The technologies of Beyond War are built to raise awareness of the cultural and individual injury of genocide and policies themed complicity with genocide under color of law, for audience ages 24 and up.

As a work of fiction, Beyond War uses several terms to explain to modern culture how their use of defensive claims to normalize genocide are accessory to the actual crime and aggravate such injury. "Beyond War" and "Sanguine" are trademarks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., so registered.